Administrative Access

eDeposit - Access to enter or view deposits

eDeposit - Accounting information for cash and check deposits must be entered through the University's eDeposit system on Self Service according to the department's cash handling procedures.   

GL Journal Entry Access

GL Journal Entry Access - Access required to submit original journal entries to the general ledger system. 

GLDSS (General Ledger Decision Support System) and Grant DSS (Grant Decision Support System) 

Access allows you to view information stored on the University Data Warehouse.  Access is granted at the VPR&ED Org level.  Contact Sarah Tallman for access (for OVPR org staff only).

When a person transfers to a new position within the University, his/her security access to GLDSS and/or GrantDSS will be automatically revoked.  If a person needs to use these same applications in their new position, access is ganted at the VPR&ED Org level.  Contact Sarah Tallman for access (OVPR org staff only).

Account Corrections (WebCV)

WebCV request for access

Account Corrections - Allows you to make corrections to accounts on the GL web reports.  

Online HR Reports and Transactions

  • HR Data Access & Security is authorized at the VPR&ED Org level.  Contact Wendy Loney for access (OVPR org staff only).
  • HR secondary application security is authorized at the VPR&ED Dept or Org level through 'Secondary Security Authorization' on Self Service. 

Purchasing Systems

  •  AP/PO system access is authorized at the VPR & ED Dept or Org level through 'Secondary Security Authorization' on Self Service.  Contact Wendy Loney for access (OVPR org staff only).
  •  The application for a Procurement card is found on the PCard tab in Self Service.
  •  Access to a traveler's trip information is requested by going to the ProTrav site and selecting 'Add a Traveler.'  You'll tell the system who you'd like to gain access to and it will generate an email to the traveler, asking to grant you access.
  •  Access to someone else's PCard (for any view) involves two necessary security steps. 
  1. First, the person requesting access to another card holder's account needs to ask that card holder for their six digit account number. The requesting user then enters that account number and the role they are requesting into the "Add a card to your my Cards selection form on the "my Cards" panel. This will trigger an email to the   card holder requesting confirmation of the privilege grant.
  2. The card holder will receive the email and need to reply to it either indicating they wish to grant or deny the access request. This reply will be sent to an automated email account that will process the email and finally grant or deny the request and notify the requesting user of the card holder's response via email

Upper Level Management Access

To request upper level management access to view transactions and reports for departmental cardholders, contact Wendy Loney for HR systems access, and Joe Elder or Sarah Tallman for financial systems access (OVPR org staff only).

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